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Alex Moiseev, PhD
Working for NASA. Master in mountain climbing. Awarded by two medals for achievement in space devices and for saving people during earthquake.

Julia Gavrilenko, PhD
Working in Aviation field. Writer, author several novels published in Russia. Her novel "Major Judge of Labyrinth" (co-author Marina Drobkova) awarded by Golden Caducei.

Svetlana Mendelev.
Well known in many countries poet, musician and singer. Usually implements her songs with her husband Alex Mendelev.

Pavel Amnuel, PhD.
Writer. Author of over 30 books.

Dimitry Gerrman.
Sculptor. Represented in many museums and private collections around the world. Steven Spielberg for movie “Schindler’s list” awarded by sculpture of D. Gerrman.

Leonid Stepanov.
Producer, actor of theater, movie, and TV.

Alex Gabriel, PhD.
One of the most popular Russian poet in USA.

Peter Slutsky.
Well known american singer, musician, and businessman.