The name of the club "Shiva" refers to the name of one of the principal deities of Hinduism. In the Shaivite tradition, Shiva is the Lord who creates, protects and transforms the Universe - a creative force. Accordingly, the Shiva-club is a community of creative, multi-talented people: scientists, artists, poets, writers, and musicians. It was founded in 2008 by small group of friends: Barry Vershov (musician and poet), Boris Kokotov (poet and translator), Izya Shlosberg (artist and writer).
The mission of the club is to provide the space for exchange of ideas, for sharing information about cultural events, for advertising and promoting members' work, and so on. It is a private club: membership is by invitation only.
Membership is free. Each member can invite up to 5 candidates, each candidate has to be unanimously approved by the club founders. The founders can invite as many candidates as they wish. When admitting new member there is no discriminations based on race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation.
Any member can leave the club for any reason but must notify the founders in a timely manner. The founders have the right to revoke an individual's membership on the grounds of unethical speech or behavior, but such decision must be approved by a simple majority of the members.
In the heart of artistic expression and scientific curiosity, a unique phenomenon known as the Club of Talented People has emerged. This club serves as a testament to the incredible diversity of human creativity and innovation, with its sections dedicated to poets, writers, artists, scientists, and musicians. Within these realms, individuals of exceptional prowess come together to exchange ideas, inspire one another, and collectively redefine the boundaries of human achievement.
The poets' section of the Club of Talented People is a haven for those who possess the rare gift of transforming raw emotions into mesmerizing verses. In this realm, metaphors are spun like fine silk, and emotions are distilled into the purest essence. Poets gather to explore the depth of human experience, capturing the intangible and making it tangible through their words. Through their poems, they paint vivid pictures that resonate with readers' souls, inviting them to contemplate life's mysteries in ways they never thought possible.
Writers in the club are masters of constructing entire universes from the blank canvas of their minds. They craft characters that come to life, weaving intricate plots that captivate readers' attention. From the realms of fantasy to the corridors of historical fiction, writers here are storytellers who transport readers to places both familiar and uncharted. By sharing their narratives, they provide readers with a chance to escape, empathize, and broaden their horizons through the power of the written word.
Within the artistic domain of the club, individuals wield brushes and pencils as extensions of their innermost thoughts. These artists channel their visions onto canvases, creating visual poetry that transcends the boundaries of language. Whether through oils, watercolors, or digital media, they capture the essence of life, emotion, and beauty. By sharing their artwork, they give others a glimpse into their unique perspectives, fostering connection through the universal language of art.
The scientists' section of the club is a hub of intellectual exploration, where curious minds delve into the mysteries of the universe. These individuals are driven by a thirst for knowledge, constantly seeking to unravel the intricacies of nature and the cosmos. Through rigorous research and experimentation, they uncover groundbreaking insights that reshape our understanding of the world. By collaborating and sharing their findings, they pave the way for advancements that have the potential to transform lives and societies.
In the realm of musicians, notes and melodies become the threads that weave the fabric of emotions. Musicians in the club are virtuosos who use instruments and vocals to communicate emotions that words alone cannot convey. They evoke joy, melancholy, and everything in between through their compositions, creating soundscapes that resonate deep within the hearts of listeners. By collaborating and improvising, they create symphonies that bridge cultures and foster unity through the power of music.
The Club of Talented People stands as a testament to the boundless creativity and innovation that humans are capable of. Its sections dedicated to poets, writers, artists, scientists, and musicians showcase the myriad ways in which individuals can contribute to the enrichment of society and the elevation of human experience. Through collaboration, inspiration, and the shared pursuit of excellence, members of this club continue to redefine the frontiers of what is possible, leaving an indelible mark on the world for generations to come.
Any member can leave the club for any reason but must notify the founders in a timely manner. The founders have the right to revoke an individual's membership on the grounds of unethical speech or behavior, but a simple majority of the members must approve such decision.

The founders handle organizational issues, as well as issues of selecting and posting materials on club's website. Barry Vershov is responsible for poetry and music, Boris Kokotov - for literary criticism and translations, Izya Shlosberg - for prose and artwork. Entries are welcome regardless of the subject, artistic trends and styles. The only criterion is professionalism and quality. However, foul language, personal assaults and pornography of any kind are not acceptable. All copyright issues are responsibility of the authors.
The club does not bear any legal responsibility for the statements and actions of individual members of the club.
The club is non-profit organization. It does not conduct fundraising of any kind and never asks for donations. The club website does not host paid commercial advertising.
The responsibility of maintaining the website is assigned to Izya Shlosberg.