Nikolay Kozlovsky



Nikolay Kozlovsky

N. Kozlovsky

The oldest artist of group ArtFact, Nikolay Kozlovskiy was born in 1935 in Pinsk. He graduated from College of Painting in Minsk back in 1961. During his education he attended classes by watercolor artists N. Golovchenko, L. Leytman and later by well known artists N. Zalozny, N. Tarasikov, G. Muromcev, P. Krohalev, and M.Blisch. He returned back to Pinsk and started to work as an engineer in a furniture company. After 1967 he started to work as a teacher of art and design in school number three. He worked for 34 years as a teacher in this school before retirement. During his work he was recognized as a highest level teacher and earned many diplomas and special awards. Despite his eye surgery in 1986 he continued to paint. He drew and painted many artworks about Pinsk. He created five albums named Pinsk and people of Pinsk. Along with the local museum they issued set of carts called Lost Churches. N. Kozlovsky participated in many exhibitions. He exhibited his artwork in Belarus, Russia and Germany.