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Viktor Saganovich

V. Saganovich

Viktor Saganovich was born in the little town Telehani in 1960. He graduated from the Art College in Minsk where he participated in the classes of professor Malishevsky. His preferences in Art are landscapes and still life inspired by his trips to Belarus, Poland, France, and Germany. He doesn't belong to any radical group of artists, but his paintings contain a contemporary, very colorful sound. Also he made a lot of graphical artworks.

In the world of contemporary art, Viktor Saganovich is a name that commands respect and admiration. He is not only a prolific artist but also the mastermind behind the innovative and boundary-pushing ArtFFact group. Through this article, we will delve into the life and work of Viktor Saganovich and explore how he has transformed the art world through the establishment of ArtFFact.
History of ArtFact


1977-1985 Exhibitions in Minsk, Belarus

1985 Diploma of winner of Festival in Moscow, Russia

1985-1987 Exhibitions in Bulgaria, Poland, Czechoslovakia

1990 Exhibition in Poland

1991 ArtFact, Altena, Germany

1991-1996 Ehxibitions in Poland

1993 ArtFact, Brest, Belarus

1996 Exhibition in Dresden, Germany

1997 Artshow Day of City, Pinsk, Belarus

2001-2003 Tower Many,( France)

2004 Tower Many, (France), Pinsk (Belarus), Minsk (Belarus)

2005 Pinsk (Belarus), Minsk (Belarus)

2006 Bjala Podlaska (Poland), Pinsk (Belarus)

2007 Pinsk (Belarus), Brest (Belarus)

2008 Pinsk (Belarus), Minsk (Belarus)

2009 Bjala Podlaska (Poland), Pinsk (Belarus), Minsk (Belarus)

2010 Paris, (France), Pinsk (Belarus)