Evgeny Talamay



Evgeny Talamay

E. Talamay

Eugeny Talamay, a well-known photographer and a contemporary artist from Pinsk, Belarus has demonstrated different styles in his arts from landscape to modern and fun composition. Some of his pictures depict rivers, swamps, beautiful islands, wild beaches, old buildings, old villages and flowers. In his modern composition, he uses models, kitchen subjects and even surrealistic objects. Regardless of his style, his photos are poetic and romantic. Eugeny Talamay was born in 1958 in Pinsk, Belarus. In 1981, he graduated from Polytechnic University as a mechanical engineer. During his years at the University, he received great technical and administrative guidance and applied them to different administrative engineering positions. Under the influence of his father, an established photographer, he decided to pursuit his artistic calling.