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Transcending ImagesThis book is a combination of beautifull poems by Boris Kokotov and paintings by Izya
Одним файломСборник стихов
Авторы: Юрий Брагинский, Барри Вершов, Александр Габриэль, Наталия Гройсман, Борис Кокотов, Елена Максина, Елена Соснина, Изя Шлосберг, Инна Ярославцева
Izya Shlosberg
Свет за ÑпинойThis book contents set of stories written up to 2007Create Space
СветотениSet of stories by writers of Shiva-clubAmazon
Ð¡ÐµÑ€Ð°Ñ Ð·Ð¾Ð½Ð°The set of sci-fi and fantasy novelsCreate Space
ХранительThis is the first book by Izya Shlosberg has sold out and will be re-issued. The book includes novels and stories written up to 2005.Izya Shlosberg
Цвет ÑловThis book was created as a combined effort between Russian poet Elena Sosnina and artist Izya Shlosberg. It's intent was to juxtapose their individual paintings and poems in a way as to summons a multitude of senses and emotions. Amazon
Ðвантюра по имени жизньThe set of sci-fi stories by writers from Israel, Russia, Ukraine and USAAmazon
Завтра будет ветерSet of stories by authors of

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